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Innovation doesn't come from your mind, it comes from knowing the market. Baseline Product uses a market-driven approach to building software and technology products.

Baseline provides market research services, consulting/coaching and workshops focused on developing a market driven approached to drive fact based decisions to hit business goals.. 


Businesses need a consistent way to analyze opportunities to drive commitments and strategic investments on their roadmap.

Baseline's workshops enable PM and PMM's with the tools and feedback necessary to confidently make recommendations to management based on real market evidence.


Successful teams are motivated to achieve well-understood goals, and can see progress along the way.

The Baseline methodology provides the, tools and process support to make sure everyone knows what winning looks and how they contribute to success with the right metrics for tracking..

Execution and performance metrics create a feedback loop for learning and continuously improving through iteration. 

Learning is the center of success

Without market knowledge it is difficult to build the right solutions, the correct experiences and prioritize the most valuable items for delivery. That's where baseline comes in. Our research services, consultancy and workshops focus first on discovering opportunities for innovation, features and differentiation, to make more effective product decisions.

To help drive change and process improvements, Baseline uses the Quartz Open Framework to establish a common language, mechanics and metrics to achieve the goals of the business.

Future > Next > Now

The Quartz Open Framework is a continuous and iterative approach to make sure the most urgent items for your market and business are address first - to increase win rates, provide improved ROI for your teams efforts and measurable results through the product life cycle. Teams need to always think about the vision and future of their portfolios and markets, then they need the tools to define the future strategy.

With the context of the future set, the engineering, design and deployment teams will be prepared to focus on the next set of releases, deployments and launches to build the right product plans and programs to hit the revenue and profit expectations now.


After working with nearly 15,000 product managers and marketers at over 600 companies while at Pragmatic Marketing, Jon Gatrell saw that success comes from the implementation of best practices, not just understanding best practices. Corporate learning and development isn't about slides - its about implementing change to upskill the team, align the organization and achieve success.  Baseline was established to change how teams work and to improve the performance of products in the market.


Baseline aims to provide companies and individuals tools to put into action to support their existing workflow and responsibilities. We help teams  produce artifacts and assets which can be used immediately in the business.  In a remote environment, it is ever more important to share knowledge, communicate insights and deliver results for the business and users with a focus on market knowledge and expertise.  By equipping product teams with market knowledge, context, and empathy, teams can differentiate in the market and be more credible with their cross-functional partners.

The Approach

Baseline has developed over 20 modules of deliverable-based implementation tools which can be quickly integrated into your team's roles and processes.  Whether you do tradition online workshops, or choose a multi-module coaching agenda for the team, it is tailored to your needs and expectations.  With a focus on social learning and real-world application we make training stick and align teams to the market.  

Our research services are tailored to your needs and use the same tools and methods we teach in our workshops to reinforce muscle memory and encourage fact based decision making.

Market Baseline

The research services provided by Baseline Product focus on providing a snapshot of the buyers and users in the markets you serve.  This packaged research initiative interviews internal and market stakeholders.  The process of working without clients is also the formula for implementation research capabilities and competency for the team to deploy market discovery programs after the initial baseline review of the product and the market.

Typically these are 6-8 week engagements which include ongoing updates and inclusion of teams members in the project from start to finish with 3 interactive sessions with the team addressing: Research Project Definition, Targeting and Recruitment, Interviewing and Analysis and Communicating results.  At the end of the engagement the team receives a overall analysis of the information learned from the market with a report out to your key stakeholders.

Implementation Workshops

Our approach is to take the concepts and theory and put them into action without workshops.  With rich experience with Pragmatic Marketing, SCRUM, and SAFe our our approach individuals move from understand to competence with deliverable based focus.  Here are some of modules we have:

  • Market Discovery

  • Roadmapping

  • Opportunity Assessment and Prioritization

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Persona Development for Buyers and Users

  • Writing Requirements

  • Organizational Readiness

  • Sales Enablement and Support

  • Product Launch

  • Roles and Responsibilities

Coaching and Support

Coaching and ongoing support projects are typically a follow on engagement to track the success of your team operationalizing their efforts in your organization.  The typical engagement is setting aside office hours dedicate for Q &A, feedback on artifacts and personal development discussion for your individual members of the team.

Contact Jon and see how he can help you and your team better understand your market, build products your users love, and drive profit for your business.

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